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Global CO2 Calculator for Transport and Logistics

Certified online worldwide CO2 Emissions Calculator for all modes of transport (Road, Rail, Air, Sea and Inland Waterways), including emissions from cargo handling and cold storage. The competitive price-performance, combined with global coverage and a broadly supported database, make this CO2 calculator a real champion of the industry. CarbonCare supports stakeholders in their production, commerce, transport and logistics services in implementing their measures for climate protection and climate-neutral transport products and services. The basic principles were developed in a 5-year study in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.

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Attractive Products and Licences

In addition to free-of-charge, simple online CO2 calculations, CarbonCare offers advanced automated computation of the greenhouse gases generated by the transportation of goods.  This can be achieved in offline mode with a BASIC FTP licence or real-time with an online BUSINESS API licence. With the additional "Analytics" tool even more detailed evaluations can be made. Carriers and specialized transport companies can calculate the Carbon Dioxide emission values of their entire fleet based on effective consumption by using a product dedicated to them (FLEET Licence). eCommerce Web Shops and Cloud Platforms for logistics can also incorporate calculations from CarbonCare into their systems to offer climate protection services to their customers (CLOUD Licence).

CarbonCare issues an annual CO2 emissions certificate to its customers and also offers selected compensation projects to balance the calculated production of greenhouse gases in cooperation with the "myclimate" foundation.

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Official Calculation Standard EN16258

Based on the approved European standard EU-Norm EN16258, the program calculates greenhouse gases comprehensively and globally for transport and logistics. The calculations are based on more than 3.5 million effective and realistic figures, which are regularly updated and contribute to the reliable results. Weight, distance and means of transport form the basis of each calculation of COand other greenhouse effect substances.

Methodology > Crossing container ships at sea. Oceanfreight produces low CO2 emissions.

Worldwide for all Means of Transport

CarbonCare performs estimations of climate pollutant emissions for all types of freight transports, cargo shipments and logistics chains. Its precise CO2 calculations are valid in all countries and continents.

  • Trucks of all sizes and light delivery vans (ROAD)
  • Cargo on freight trains/wagons (RAIL)
  • Container and bulk ocean-going ships (SEA)
  • Inland waterway vessels (IWW)
  • Passenger and cargo aircraft (AIR)

In addition, emissions generated from cold chains and cargo handling in terminals and warehouses can also be calculated.

Multimodal > Rail locomotive pulling a freight train. CO2 emission of diesel and electric trains.

Validated by the “myclimate” Foundation

The standards, calculation methods and emission factors used in the pollutant calculator are based on the generally recognised EU standard EN16258. Conformity with this standard and the accuracy of the calculated values regarding distances and routes, as well as the correct application of the emission factors for the various modes of transport were analysed and validated by specialists from "myclimate".

View the Validation Certificate

Validation Certificate of the CarbonCare CO2 Calculator Algorithm by the myclimate Foundation


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