If you are interested in our CO₂ calculator you can contact us as follows:

General enquiries by E-mail

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Consulting and sales  

For general questions about the CO₂ calculator from CarbonCare and about licences or conditions, please contact one of the two partners.

Dr. Peter Wild / MBA (IMD) 
Managing Partner 
Oberbergstrasse 110
CH-6390 Engelberg

Tel +41 41 511 26 03

Peter Somaglia
Oberbergstrasse 1110
CH-6390 Engelberg

Tel +41 41 511 26 04

Customer Service & Support

For technical questions or if you encounter any problems, please contact our customer service.

K&S Informatik (Schweiz) GmbH
Fracht West
8058 Zurich-Airport

Tel: +41 41 511 26 02 

General enquiries are free of charge. For specific support services we charge CHF 180 per hour (see licence terms).