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Multimodal Ocean-freight Shipment (Road, Rail & Ocean)

CarbonCare is a very powerful calculator of CO2 and other gases responsible for the Greenhouse Effect in Earth's atmosphere. It is specifically designed for the emissions generated by the commercial transport of goods (Logistics). It precisely calculates emissions by cargo movement in all continents. The calculator interface is designed to include multiple segments with different mode of transport combined: Road, Rail, Air, Sea and even Inland Waterways. Optionally, the emissions generated during the handling process (Loading, Unloading, Storage, etc.) and the extra CO2 generated by cooling the goods (Cold Chain), can be added to the calculation. 

In this page we show an example of CO2 emissions measure for an Seafreight shipment from Switzerland to Canada, including the Road and Rail transport movements at origin and destination. Next to the calculation of the harmful emissions, an option is available to offset the harmful emissions through projects of the myclimate foundation.

Origin: Geneva, Switzerland - Destination: Toronto, Canada
Weight: 18560 kg. - Emissions Calculation with goods handling: Yes

  • 1st Segment - Road Transport from CH-1211 Geneva Freeport to CTG Rail Terminal Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2nd Segment - Rail Transport from CTG Rail Terminal Geneva to Rotterdam Port, Netherlands
  • 3rd Segment - Sea Transport from Rotterdam Port (NLRTM) to Montreal Port (CAMTR), Canada
  • 4th Segment - Road Transport from Port of Montreal to CA-M4M1A5 Toronto, Canada

Transport Distance: 7212.76 km

Emission Values CO2e: 1174.69 kg (TTW)
CO2: 1157.44 kg (TTW) - CO2e: 1440.03 kg (WTW)

CO2 Calculator

CarbonCare is a very precise Green House gases calculator focusing on logistics and freight transports of all kinds. The basic online calculator is can be used free of charge to calculate the CO2 emissions for any type of transport, on any route. Try it now, compare the different modes and see how much would cost to balance your carbon footprint.

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Automatic CO2 Calculation and Compensation

CarbonCare offers, next to the free calculator, advanced products and licenses to compute automatically the CO2 emissions of transport and logistic, all available with data exchange, offset of the emissions, data storage and analysis options.

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