Global Warming

Dramatic Rise in Average Global Temperatures

An increase of 2°C compared to the average temperature in the pre-industrial era is considered a threshold for catastrophic change. For this reason, the international community has recognized that global warming must be kept below 2°C. The average global temperature today is 0.85°C higher than it was in the late 19th century. Each of the last three decades has been warmer than any previous decade since records began in 1850. For the world's leading climate scientists, human activities have almost certainly been the main cause of global warming since the mid-20th century (; 2020).

CO2 Emissions Certificate

CarbonCare produces a detailed greenhouse gas emissions certificate for its licensed customers every year (incl. CO2, CO2e, TTW and WTW figures for each transport mode). The document supports the efforts of companies and organizations in reducing their production of climate altering substances and makes their achievements  internally and externally transparent.

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CarbonCare is the most advanced CO2 emissions calculator with its focus on logistics and freight transport of all types. Complex routings with different modes of transport and multiple transit points are calculated automatically. Additional factors contributing to the release of greenhouse gases can be included in the calculation as an option (temperature control and handling operations). Click below to view two examples of complex CO2 calculations for a sea freight container transport and an air freight shipment.

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Greenhouse Effects

Greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere.

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