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Raising awareness and the transparency of emissions in the logistics sector - working together for a better climate.



The CarbonCare emissions calculator for industry, trade, and transport and logistics service providers supports companies on their way to "Green Logistics" and climate-neutral transport. Robust and secure calculations for entire transport sector worldwide.

Validated by the "myclimate" Foundation

The standards, calculation methods and emission factors used in the pollutants calculator are based on the generally recognised EU Standard EN16258. Conformity with this standard and the accuracy of the calculated values regarding distances and routes, as well as the correct application of the emission factors for the various modes of transport were analysed and validated by specialists from "myclimate".

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Why CarbonCare?

CarbonCare is the latest and most comprehensive global emissions calculator, based on the European standard EN16258. It was developed over five years with various partners (Industry, ETH, Swiss federal authorities). Over 3.5 million effective, realistic and frequently updated measurements provide the basis for calculations.

The calculator considers all transport modes globally as well as the handling of goods in terminals and warehouses. The results are reported as TTW (Tank-to-Wheel) CO2 and CO2 equivalents as well as WTW (Well-to-Wheel) CO2 equivalents.

The regularly updated data guarantee a realistic calculation. In addition to the calculation of pollutants, our service also enables the preparation of an annual emissions balance as well as the compensation of emissions and their data storage.

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The Initiators

Logistics activities have a negative impact on the global climate. In the future, their emissions will have to be reduced or offset. For this reason, the two initiators, Peter Wild and Peter Somaglia, decided to develop an online calculator to determine the emissions caused by logistics activities.

With over 20 years’ experience, Dr. Peter Wild is an expert in this field. He was the first to professionally analyse and reduce CO2 emissions in the aviation sector globally and was a specialist in this field for ICAO. Peter Somaglia, former CEO in the cargo industry, brings with him knowledge from the logistics sector.

Thanks to the financial support of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), the initiators gained valuable access to external resources for their comprehensive and efficient solution.

The distances were calculated by Sourcepole AG. K&S Informatik GmbH in Lörrach was responsible for programming the calculator.

Business Partners and Customers

Broad-based cooperation and support in the domain of COcalculation, reduction and offset.

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