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Licences for Calculations and Compensation

Licences for automated calculations of greenhouse gases for transport and logistics with data transfer via API/FTP/SMTP form the basis for the customer relationship with CarbonCare. In addition to free calculations for individual cargo shipments, CarbonCare offers attractive licences for shippers from trade and industry as well as for forwarders and other logistics service providers. eCommerce operators, Web stores and cloud platforms can also incorporate CarbonCare into their product range. Depending on requirements, an offline (via FTP) or an online (via API) license can be used. The additional module "Data Storage and Analytics" enables detailed evaluations. Certification and compensation of greenhouse gases is possible with all options.

CarbonCare offers the following licences and access options:

                   Price List USD - Other Currencies: CHF | EUR

Customer SegmentsAll interested personsShippers, Forwarders, Logistics CompaniesShippers, Forwarders, Logistics CompaniesSolution Providers, e-platforms, Webshops
Data TransferOnline on Webpagevia EXCEL / FTPvia XML / APIvia XML / API
Frequency of ExchangeOnline on WebpageMonthlyOnlineOnline
Calculation BasisEN16258EN16258EN16258EN16258
Data Transfer to CarbonCare
Automated Calculation
Upload Results to mycarboncare
Upload Results to Clients System

   Prices: Yearly Licence (in USD) - Prices based on yearly licensee's company turnover
Turnover (USD) 
FREE manual calculations with limit of 5 queries per day. Registration required in case of regular use.
Licence PricesLicence PricesLicence Prices
- 5 mln. 2'900
(incl. 1 mln. TAs)
(incl. 1 mln. TAs)
Flat charge for up to 1 mln. calculation requests (transactions) plus surcharges for higher volumes. Offers on request.
- 25 mln.3'900
(incl. 1 mln. TAs)
(incl. 1 mln. TAs)
- 100 mln.5'900
(incl. 1 mln. TAs)
(incl. 1 mln. TAs)
- 500 mln.7'900
(incl. 1 mln. TAs)
(incl. 1 mln. TAs)
-  1 Bio.9'900
(incl. 2 mln. TAs)
(incl. 2 mln. TAs)
- 10 Bio.11'900
(incl. 2 mln. TAs)
(incl. 2 mln. TAs)
+ 10 Bio.13'900
(incl. 2 mln. TAs)
(incl. 2 mln. TAs)
   Value-Added Options (USD)
CO2 CompensationPrice per ton dependint on projectPrice per ton dependint on projectPrice per ton dependint on projectPrice per ton dependint on project
Analytics & Data StorageN/A30% of Licence30% of Licence30% of Licence
Provision of CO2 factors (Own fleet)N/AInitial effort: 2'800
Yearly update: 1'800
Initial effort: 2'800
Yearly update: 1'800
Individual validation of self calculated CO2 valuesN/AValidation process and price on requestValidation process and price on requestValidation process and price on request
   Additional Services and Charges (USD)
Initial Installation & Testing
No additional services possible
Additional Transactions per 1 mln. TAs per yearN/A1,0001,000
Additional Emission Certificates100100100
Specific API-Key for SubclientsN/A600600
"Project Managment (per day)" 1'9001'9001,900

                   Price List USD - Other Currencies: CHF | EUR

The above licences and prices are subject to change without notice. Please check our General Terms and Conditions.

Data transfer by the licencee to the CarbonCare server ideally containing the following data: Unique shipment ID, Date, weight, origin, destination, transport mode per segment, cooling.
If the above information is not fully available, CarbonCare will work out the best possible solution together with the client.

Value-added Options

Following the explanations of the following options for specific customer segments and needs. Specifications and prices as per individual agreement.

Analytics and Central Data Storage

By purchasing the BI add-on tool "Analytics & Data Storage" for a surcharge of 30% on the licence prices, licensees receive dedicated access via their "mycarboncare" with the functions described below (ready autumn2022). The tool creates longer-term transparency on CO2/CO2e values and enables the management of CO2 /CO2e values caused by a company's logistical activities as well as those of its subsidiaries and/or external (sub-) customers.


Customer segments: all companies

Companies can offset their CO2 emissions by purchasing CO2 certificates from verified projects and thus reduce their corporate footprint. Prices depend on the selected projects and the amount of CO2 to be offset.

More Details and prices on request.



Customer segments: Transport companies

Specific calculations of CO2 values for individual vehicles and for complete FLEETS based on actual consumption values. Based on this, transport companies can use a BASIC or BUSINESS licence to calculate and provide CO2 values on a shipment basis for their customers..

More Details and prices on request.



Customer segments: Transport Management Software providers (TMS)

The TMS software is connected via API to CarbonCare's calculator thus enabling automatic data exchange for the calculation of CO2 values. The calculated values are displayed directly in the partner's software. Users (e.g. forwarders) of this software can access the calculated CO2 values.

More Details and prices on request.



Customer segments: Transport companies

Individual validation of self-determined emission data based on the standardised calculation method EN16258. Comparison with competitor companies based on CarbonCare data is also possible.

More Details and prices on request.


Data Input

To ensure correct calculation of emission values, the following data is required:

  • Internal reference (e.g. dossier number)
  • External sub-reference (e.g. truck plate number)
  • Cooling yes/no (default: no)
  • Terminal handling yes/no (default: no)
  • Weight in kg
  • Date of first transport segment
  • Routing with means of transport per sector
Container typically used in Road, Rail and Sea freight.

Data Output & "Analytics"

Results are available with TTW (CO2, CO2e) and WTW (CO2e) emission values in kg. The information is accessible to customers via "myCarbonCare" on our website. For all license types one CO2 emission certificate is generated per year.

We recommend the use of the add-on module "Analytics" with central data storage and continuous access to the data that has been submitted by the company and which the CarbonCare calculator has provided. The analysis is provided with filters, parameters and evaluation tables, e.g. per

Period (day, week, month, year, cumulative, etc.)
Means of transport (Truck, trip, vessel, routing, ORIG-DEST, etc.)
Customer name (e.g., when forwarders or carriers wish to make the results available to their customers)

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