New Climate Program of the Swiss economy

economiesuisse says YES to the revised CO2 Act. In addition, at its annual media conference today, the business umbrella organisation presented a "Business Climate Programme" with nine fields of action. These give businesses concrete instructions for action to achieve the net zero target by 2050.

The "Climate Programme of the Swiss Economy" presented today by economiesuisse contains concrete action instructions for companies to reduce their CO2 emissions. With the programme, which is divided into nine fields of action, the association is concretising its commitment to reduce the economy's CO2 emissions to net zero by 2050. The fields of action range from increasing efficiency and supporting industry initiatives to decarbonising transport and promoting international cooperation. The full programme can be found in the media kit (see below).

"In climate policy, Swiss business sees itself as part of the solution," said Monika Rühl, Chair of the Executive Board of economiesuisse at the annual media conference. And further: "With innovations and efficient technologies, it can contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases and thus to the solution of the climate problem."

Against this background, economiesuisse has decided to vote in favour of the revision of the CO2 Act. The umbrella organisation supports the compromise of the parliament, although the design of the law does not correspond to its ideas in some essential points.

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New Climate Program of the Swiss economy