CarbonCare offers a variety of licences and access options that meet the following customer requirements:


Single query

You would like to compare emissions for individual shipments between alternative means of transport and use for this purpose.



Monthly calculation of emissions on a consignment basis. The information is sent to CarbonCare by email/FTP (format: Excel/CSV). Once the emission values have been calculated, the result is uploaded monthly as a total emissions value to the customer’s "My CarbonCare".

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Immediate online calculation of emissions on a consignment basis. Data transmission using an API interface for online data exchange with the CarbonCare Calculator. After the calculation, the emission values are immediately available and can be integrated into the customer's software.

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Comparing licences

Access options

Occasional users can select, click on "Calculate", enter the respective shipment data with weight, routing and transport type and then call up the results online.

Professional users with a licence have the following options:

FTP: this is a file transfer technology that allows files to be stored on the CarbonCare server. After the customer's information has been transmitted by e-mail/FTP (format: Excel/CSV), the emissions are calculated. The results are then available to the client in "My CarbonCare".

API: is a direct interface between the client and CarbonCare, by which data is transmitted. Immediately after receipt of this data by CarbonCare, the emissions are calculated. The result is available to the customer online and without waiting time for further use in their IT system. 

Ideally, the data transfer via FTP and API by the licensee to the CarbonCare server should contain the following information in this order: internal reference, external sub-reference, date of the first transport route, weight, cooling, total transport route with individual sections and means of transport. If less detailed information is available, an analysis is made to determine how the best result can be achieved.    

10 steps to the desired licence 

In this way, you can easily and securely achieve your emission values:

  1. you are interested in the CO₂ footprint of your logistics activities;  find out more at
  2. select and click on "Contact" or "Register".
  3. CarbonCare will contact you for a consultation concerning specific possibilities.
  4. test run using manual data transfer with some sample files.
  5. you now select the final licence at and click on "Order".
  6. purchase order and invoice to your company from CarbonCare.
  7. after payment of the invoice, CarbonCare prepares the installation.
  8. testing of the installed licence followed by "OK to GO" from both parties.
  9. live link with CarbonCare.
  10. you evaluate the received emission values and can decide whether to compensate them

Of course, you can always request a personal consultation by sending an e-mail to If, in the course of the preparatory discussions, it turns out that none of the standard licences meets your needs, then CarbonCare will seek to submit a tailor-made offer.

Evaluation of emissions values

The CO₂/CO₂e emissions are generally calculated on a shipment basis and, depending on the licence, are made available to the customer as a monthly total value (BASIC/FTP) or as a value per shipment (BUSINESS/API) in the form described below. 

For additional evaluations and detailed statistics over certain periods of time, for individual means of transport, entire fleets or for evaluations of the emissions values of your customers etc. the extra service "Analytics & Data Storage" can be selected.

  • Monthly calculation of TTW (CO₂, CO₂e) and WTW (CO₂e) emissions in kg based on the information received per shipment from the customer.
  • Monthly calculation and upload of the total value of these emissions to "My CarbonCare" (alternatively by e-mail).
  • Accumulative emission values monthly and annually to "My CarbonCare".
  • Calculation of TTW (CO₂, CO₂e) and WTW (CO₂e) emissions in kg per shipment immediately after receipt of the customer's data.
  • Online calculation and immediate transmission of the emission values of this shipment to the customer's IT system and/or to "My CarbonCare".
  • Accumulative emission values monthly and annually on "My CarbonCare.
  • Detailed evaluations of emission values can be carried out by customers themselves in their own system after setting up appropriate filters and parameters.
Analytics & Data Storage

By purchasing this additional module, you will gain access to all the data that your company has submitted to CarbonCare and calculated by the CarbonCare Calculator. You can carry out your analyses directly and easily on the CarbonCare server using extensive filters and parameters. Purchase of this additional module gives access to all the data a company has submitted for calculation by the CarbonCare calculator. A company can carry out its analyses directly and easily on the CarbonCare server using comprehensive filters and parameters.

  • Storage of the emissions values on the CarbonCare server for all individual shipments based on the customer's data entries.
  • Emissions values available, retrievable and evaluable at any time.
  • Evaluations with filters, parameters and evaluation tables e.g. by
    • Period (day, week, month, year, accumulative)
    • Means of transport (truck, tour, ship, route, ORIG-DEST, etc.)
    • Customer (e.g. for forwarders or transporters who want to make the values available to their customers)
  • If desired, storage of the compensated emissions is also undertaken.

Electronic emissions certificate

Once a year, the values are added together and CarbonCare prepares a "logistics CO₂ balance" for each licensed customer. This officially confirms the quantity of TTW (CO₂, CO₂e) and WTW (CO₂e) emissions generated by the customer using logistics services. This emissions balance is available in printed and/or electronic form. These certificates are not tradeable.

Evaluations by the CarbonCare Calculator

The values calculated by CarbonCare include TTW (CO₂, CO₂e) and WTW (CO₂e) emissions from logistics services initiated by a customer along the entire logistics chain for their own and third-party services (EN 16258: parts of Scope 1 + 3). These values can be used to supplement a company's CO₂ emissions with its own non-logistical activities for the preparation of the overall balance sheet.

General licence terms