Every product and transport generates greenhouse gases, and the ultimate goal must be to avoid these pollutants. However, the economy thrives on manufacturing products and bringing them to the customer. Compensation for the emissions caused ensures a CO₂-neutral balance for companies.

Compensation can be made for individual shipments, for an occasional user or a licensed customer for any amount of CO₂ as required. On the customer’s request, the total of the offset emissions can be stored on the CarbonCare (Analytics & Data Storage) server.


Myclimate is a cooperation partner of CarbonCare. To offset CO₂ emissions, licensees can choose from the projects presented below.

NOTE: The demand for these offsetting projects is very high and it is possible that this project might already have been completed at the time of selection. In such cases, CarbonCare naturally offers appropriate alternatives under:

Compensation projects 

Less Smoke Thanks to Efficient Cookers

Type of project: Efficient cooking stoves      
Place of project: Peru
Status of project: Certificates available
Yearly CO₂-​reduction:     75’526 t

Several similar project activities from all over Peru are combined under this programme, which supports the local production and use of efficient stoves with fireplaces in remote households. 

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Cooking with Corn Cobs Instead of Coal

Type of project: Efficient cooking stoves, biomass
Place of project: Provinces Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou, China
Status of project: In progress, credits available
Yearly CO₂-​reduction:     399,501 t

This project replaces the coal consumption of traditional stoves in rural households in Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou Provinces in China with improved, clean, biomass-burning semi-gasification stoves. 

CO₂ emissions can be avoided by reducing coal consumption by using the inner part of the corn cob for cooking. The cleaner stoves improve indoor air quality, which is particularly beneficial to the health of women and children.

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