Compensation Projects

Greenhouse Gas Offset Projects from our Partner

With "myclimate" unavoidable CO2 and other harmful emissions can be offset by climate protection measures at another location. In contrast to air pollution, it is irrelevant for the climate where on the earth's surface the unwanted gases are offset. What is important is that global greenhouse gas emissions decrease in total.

Through the offset mechanism, "myclimate" finances the additional costs that arise, for example, when renewable energy sources are used instead of fossil fuels. This price depends on the size of the project, the technology used and the country in which the project is carried out.

The funds are primarily used in developing and newly industrializing countries to replace fossil energy sources that are harmful to the climate with renewable energy sources or to implement energy efficiency measures. In this way, the same amount of climate-impacting emissions is saved again.

Automatically Calculate and Offset CO2-Emissions

In addition to the free online calculation, CarbonCare offers various licences as well as data storage and analysis tools. With all options, greenhouse effect gases can be offset through compensation projects.

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Less Smoke Thanks to Efficient Cookers

Type of project: Efficient cooking stoves      
Place of project: Peru
Status of project: Certificates available
Yearly CO₂-​reduction:     75’526 t

Several similar project activities from all over Peru are combined under this programme, which supports the local production and use of efficient stoves with chimneys in remote households. 

Download the project PDF for further information

Cooking with Corn Cobs Instead of Coal

Type of project: Efficient cooking stoves, biomass
Place of project: Provinces Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou, China
Status of project: In progress, credits available
Yearly CO₂-​reduction:     399,501 t

This project replaces the coal consumption of traditional stoves in rural households in Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou Provinces in China with improved, clean, biomass-burning semi-gasification stoves. 

CO₂ emissions can be avoided by reducing coal consumption by using the inner part of the corn cob for cooking. The cleaner stoves improve indoor air quality, which is particularly beneficial to the health of women and children.

Download the project PDF​​​​​​​ for further information

Climate-neutral Transport

Climate-neutral shipping (CO2 Offset/Balanced) ensures that there is no negative impact on climate when transporting goods.

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