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Compensation Partners

Shape our future

For climate-neutral (CO2-compensated) logistics, CarbonCare offers offset projects in cooperation with the "myclimate" foundation. CarbonCare and the foundation "myclimate" have agreed on a partnership in which both organizations can contribute with their strengths.

Experts from "myclimate" thoroughly examined CarbonCare's COcalculator in 2019 and validated it with a certification. They attest that the underlying algorithms robustly and safely perform CO2 calculations according to the specifications of the EU standard EN16258.

"myclimate" sees itself as a partner for effective climate protection - globally and locally. Together with partners from the business community as well as private individuals, "myclimate" aims to shape the future of the world through consulting, educational services and its own carbon reduction projects. As a non-profit organization, "myclimate" pursues this goal in a market-oriented and customer-focused manner.

With projects of the highest quality, "myclimate" drives measurable climate protection and sustainable development worldwide. The voluntary offsetting of CO₂ emissions is currently carried out in more than 144 carbon offset projects in 41 countries. "myclimate" carbon offset projects meet the highest standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases, demonstrably contribute to the sustainable development of the local and regional communities where they operate.

Protection for the climate

For climate neutral (CO2 compensated) logistics CarbonCare offers compensation projects in cooperation with ClimatePartner Switzerland AG. Climate neutral products - the highest level in climate protection

Whoever buys climate-neutral (CO2 compensated) products makes a concrete contribution to climate protection. Our label guarantees the climate neutrality of the labelled product - or service. This is because we have calculated all CO2 emissions that were unavoidably generated in the process chain and offset them via recognized climate protection projects.

COCompensation Projects

Carbon Dioxide offset projects meet the Gold Standard. Continue to our CO2 offset projects with "myclimate".

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