CO2 Emission Certificate

CO2 Emission Certificates for CarbonCare Licence Holders

CarbonCare's non-tradable CO2 certificates confirm the annual emissions of climate altering pollutants of a firm or organization. This certificate is used to support companies' climate-related efforts and to enable internal and external transparency. This data often flows into environmental balance sheets, ecological records or environmental reports.



Example of a CO2 emissions certificate for licensees of Carbon Care


Competitive Products and Licences

In addition to free-of-charge simple online CO2 calculations, CarbonCare offers advanced automated computation of the greenhouse gases generated by logistics, sales and distribution of goods  This can be achieved in offlline mode (BASIC FTP licence) or in online mode (BUSINESS API licence). The additional tool "Analytics" allows even more detailed evaluations. Carriers and specialized transport companies can calculate the carbon dioxide emission values of their entire fleet based on effective consumption thanks to a dedicated product (FLEET Licence). 

CarbonCare issues an annual CO2 emissions certificate to its customers and also offers the option of balancing the calculated production of greenhouse gases by contributing to selected compensation projects of the "myclimate" foundation.

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